About us

Welcome to DailyMoneyShot !

This website is dedicated to all those looking for ways to make some extra cash by working from home, blogging, making money online, living a frugal lifestyle and more in general those who dream of being less dependent on their 9-to-5 job for a living!

DailyMoneyShot is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Many think that working from home is easy and that you can earn a ton of money. Although there are several people who are making fairly large sums of money online, it takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard work (perhaps more than your 9-to5 job).

Depending on your lifestyle, the amount of money required to cover your needs can vary quite a bit. So make sure you have a clear objective in mind.

I personally have a 9-to-5 job and want to leverage the digital world simply to earn some extra income. I haven’t really thought about the possibility of making a living entirely off the internet working from home but who knows, maybe one day that will be my objective (although I must admit I’m far away from that based on my current online income!).

If you enjoy writing and would like to share a guest post with our community we will be more than happy to receive a proposal from you. Just make sure to follow the guidelines here (add link to guest post page)

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the blog. If you find it interesting and useful please do share it with others and don’t forget to sign-up to our eNewsletter to not miss-out.



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