A simple guide to start blogging in no time


A simple guide to start blogging in no time

Blogging can be a life changing experience and it is quite easy to become a blogger. What’s so cool is that you can find plenty of information online to get started in no time. There are some great bloggers out there that have dedicated entire sites exactly to help others getting started with blogging.  If you want to start your own blog, your can do it by following these 6 steps:

  1. Choose a topic around which you would like to blog
  2. Register a domain for your blog
  3. Purchase a hosting plan to make your blog visible readers and potential customers
  4. Installing WordPress
  5. Selecting a WordPress theme
  6. Start blogging!

Completing the above steps is quite simple. We will go through each step more in details below.

Choosing a topic for for blog

Do you enjoy writing around a particular subject? You might enjoy extreme sports, or perhaps exotic food, fitness or travelling. We all have different interests and writing around a topic you enjoy is always easier. For example, I personally enjoy writing about everything that is related to personal finance, frugal lifestyle and blogging. It is important that you choose a topic you want to blog around because it will influence the selection of the domain name that you will then purchase.

Registering a domain for your blog

Domains can be registered for less than $10 per year. Ideally you should select a domain name that relates to the topic of your blog. This is because it will both resonate with your readers and it will also help you have potentially higher rankings on search engines which means greater potential traffic to your blog. The more traffic, the higher the potential earnings of your blog (but we’ll get into the details of monetizing your blog in a separate blog post). To register your domain, simply go to a registrar’s website, such as godaddy and type in a keyword in the search box to see if there are any “free” domains that can be registered. When a domain is “free”, it means that you simply need to pay the registration fees. On the other hand, if the domain is already registered by another user, you have to purchase it from the owner (assuming he/she is willing to sell it).

Purchasing a host plan for your blog

Blog hosting is a big business and there are always several offers due to the high level of competition among the different hosts. If you are just starting to blog, go after one of the deals out there. For my blog I selected Namecheap which provided me with a yearly hosting plan for just $10 (for the first year, while the hosting renewal after year 1 went up to $40). Check them out by visiting their website (NameCheap.com). Before signing up with any hosting plan, I strongly advise to look at all the offers also from other hosts. For example, also X, Y and Z have interesting plans.

Installing WordPress on your Blog

WordPress is the most-common open source web content management system. It is free to install and will allow you to easly manage your website. The installation is very simple and several hosts (such as X, Y and Z) offer tools to automatically install WordPress. We suggest that you use a host that offers such free installation tools. However, the installation can also be performed manually. Although there are a few more steps to follow, it is not rocket science. If you want to proceed with the manual installation, there’s nothing better than following the steps mentioned in the following installation post from WordPress.org

Here’s a great video that will show you exactly how to install wordpress:

Selecting a WordPress theme for your Blog

The theme of your blog is what will impact the look and feel of it. It will influence the user experience of your readers and also the positioning of your blog on search engines as not all themes are SEO-optimized. A lot of great themes are also available for free. Check out the wordpress theme directory to see if you like any of the free themes. In addition to the free themes, you can purchase the so-called “premium themes”. Premium themes involve a one time fee but what is great is that you have guaranteed support for it.

Although there are several free themes available, and they look great, you might want to consider a premium theme because your get lifetime support.

You’re now all set to start writing your first blog post!

If you are a beginner and aren’t familiar with how to create your first blog post once you have installed wordpress and selected your theme, here’s a video that will walk you through the process:

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A simple guide to start blogging in no time

Blogging can be a life changing experience and it is quite easy to become a blogger. What’s so cool is that you can find …